Efficient, Value-Driven Security

At Bounce Security, we care about doing security the right way.
For us, that means focusing on protecting what really matters. Instead of wasting your limited resources on generic, so-called “best practices”, draining your developers’ cycles or squandering budget on expensive and ineffective consultants.

That is why we’ve developed our “Value Driven Security” approach, to save you time and money, and to enable a more efficient security process.
“Value-Driven Security” is a much better fit than common purist approaches, for modern development teams looking to design and implement security features in their software, without disrupting their natural flow.
Having strong technical background and an intelligent risk analysis framework in place not only helps discover security risks, but also allows us to make pragmatic decisions and recommend against spending on risks that do not affect your bottom line.

Bounce Security was founded by Avi Douglen, a leading security professional with decades of experience.

Bounce Security consults on software security to development teams of all sizes, working with them to integrate security practices into their process. We’ve worked with some of the biggest organizations on their application security, as well as small startups. We prefer to work directly with development teams, often providing training on secure coding and other security topics. Software security, development processes, identity architecture, and access management are our specialties.

We bring this technical expertise to your table and merge it with a business perspective to ensure you get the maximum bang for your security buck.

Avi D profile

AviD is the CEO of Bounce Security. He is a security architect and software developer, and has been leading development teams in building secure products for over 20 years. As a systems developer and security consultant over the years, Avi has amassed much technical knowledge, both low- and high-level, and a very good understanding of enterprise security needs at the business level. His research interests include efficient security engineering, usable security, and scaling enterprise security systems.

AviD is a leader of the OWASP Israel chapter, created the popular AppSecIL security conference, and is co-founder and leader of the OWASP Threat Modeling Project. He is also a community moderator on https://security.StackExchange.com/, a volunteer high school tech teacher, and a frequent speaker at industry conferences, such as OWASP, RSA, BSides, and DevSecCon.

Maya D profile

Maya is the COO of Bounce Security.

Adi B profile

Adi is an experienced security manager, used to leading teams to protect some of the most sensitive systems around. While her background was originally as a software developer and manager, she was most recently Vice President of Cybersecurity at JPMorgan Chase & Co., one of the largest banks in the world. Adi is now serving as CTO of Bounce Security, enthusiastically pushing our quality and focus on user needs, as well as engaging in additional advanced technologies to better serve our consulting clients. Ms. Belinkov has well over a decade of experience in management roles, with security, operations, and development teams. She works closely with developers, QA engineers, Devops, and Product managers to deeply embed security into their daily workflows, often delivering internal training sessions. Adi has a pragmatic understanding of organizational constraints and requirements, and leverages these to ensure we deliver the optimal results to stakeholders. Adi has served in the famous 8200 unit in the IDF, has a degree in Software Engineering, and is working on her Executive MBA. She also volunteers for SheCodes, and previously ran one of the chapters.

Emette D profile

Emette is Bounce Security’s Junior Security Analyst.
She is a Student at the Open University studying for a BSc in Computer Science, and studies Fashion at Ha’Midrasha Le’Ofna college, wishing to combine the two worlds in the future.
Emette also has a P.E. Degree in Electronic Engineering, Majoring in Computers.

For more information on our value-driven philosophy, or regarding a consulting engagement, please contact us at info@bouncesecurity.com.