Security Roadmapping

We offer our Security Roadmapping service as a way to help you understand where you’re going, how long it will take, how much fuel (budget) you can expect to use, and what risks face us along the way.

Focusing on high-level business context and constraints, the Security Roadmap takes a value-driven approach to optimizeinvestment in security efforts. This will detail which security activities should be prioritized in your organization, and why.

These will enable you to reduce overall risk with cost-efficient tasks aligned with overall business priorities and based on your teams’ deep understanding of their product environment and architecture.

The purpose of the Roadmap is to plan work more efficiently, ensure security investment is aligned with what your company actually needs (instead of generic “Best Practices”), and provide a set of long-term security targets.

Threat Modeling Workshop

Threat modeling, a structured methodology for security-based analysis of a complex system, can help you identify and prioritize potential threats and attack vectors, and understand the appropriate mitigations.

A good threat model is essential for a robust, secure design and architecture, and can support mitigation of all relevant threats. This can also build customer confidence.

Our primary objective is to help you get to your end goal as quickly and effectively as possible. Your architects and development teams should be responsible for the security of their products, and consider this aspect as a normal part of building the features. As an outcome of this workshop, they will have the skillset, knowledge, and experience to be able to build basic threat models themselves, and recognize when they need to consult with experts for more advanced analysis.

Software Security Consulting

Perhaps you are not yet ready for a full-fledged security program, for any of a number of valid reasons. Or maybe your security program is already mature, but you still need advice on a specific issue from an expert in security architecture.

For smaller projects, we can provide Standalone Consulting as needed. This would include meetings, staff interviews, and group discussions on-site as needed, as well as any additional information gathering, in-depth research, and hands-on proof of concepts we may need.