Michal Kamensky

Junior Security Analyst


Michal is a security researcher at Bounce Security- where she works on projects to help clients build software securely from the start. She particularly enjoys diving into a new domain and learning it inside out as well as sharing her knowledge with the community. In her spare time, she is a student of computer science and math, volunteers at the Hackeriot initiative and she also enjoys playing chess, following artistic and rhythmic gymnastics and is the lucky human of a ginger tabby cat named Unix.

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Michal Kamensky's upcoming events:

NDC Security 2024 (Conference)

No Size Fits All: Empowering Engineers with Custom Application Security tests

Michal Kamensky - January 11, 2024
Event Link

Michal Kamensky's previous appearances:

PyCon Israel 2023

Omniscient AppSec- Custom, Continuous Security Verification of Python Code

Michal Kamensky and Josh Grossman - July 4th, 2023
Event Link

AppSec Israel 2023

Omniscient AppSec- Custom, Continuous Security Verification

Michal Kamensky - May 17th, 2023
Event Link

OWASP Israel Meetup

Homemade SAST – Using Semgrep Rules for Security Code Scanning

Michal Kamensky - January 10th, 2023
Event Link

BSides Tel Aviv 2022

Analyzing Open Buckets- a Beginner’s Journey Through Misplaced Secrets

Michal Kamensky - June 30th, 2022
Event Link