Accurate and Scalable: Web Application Bug Hunting

Automating your research while keeping it customized to better uncover vulnerabilities

High level course explanation

Ever find yourself repeating manual searches while analyzing a massive codebase? Do you often manually perform the same tests over and over when reviewing a huge web application?

In this course you will learn how to take all that knowledge and repetitive work and put it into custom checks and tailored scans that will do the work for you, across the whole application.

You will practice performing scalable, assisted manual research, using free, open-source tools such as Semgrep and Nuclei whilst leveraging your familiarity with the application and its logic. Instead of generic vulnerability scans that barely find the obvious problems and flood you with false positives, you can develop tailor-made checks that find what is important.

Through multiple hands-on examples and practical exercises, you’ll learn how this approach of customization at scale enables you to look far beyond the low hanging fruit, with useful tools that spare you the trouble of reinventing the wheel each time around.

You can see more details about what the course covers on the Course Content page.

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