Accelerated AppSec – Hacking your Product Security Programme for Velocity and Value

Building a better programme using positive practices and tools

Elevator pitch for the course (~2 minutes)

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In this short video, I give a quick explanation of the course and the ideas around it.

Quick overview of the background to the course (~10 mins)

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This editorial interview with Dark Reading which I did at Black Hat USA 2023, is about the course I ran there but we also dig into my general philosophy when it comes to effective application security which forms the basis for the “Accelerated AppSec” course.

Detailed discussion of the ideas around the course (~75 mins)

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In this podcast interview with Bryan Brake from BrakeSec Education I dive deeper into the challenges and ideas underlying this training course and talk through some of my ideas for improving an organization’s Product Security programme.

Let's speak about this!

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