Building a High-Value AppSec Scanning Programme

Understanding how to get better value from SAST, DAST and SCA tools.

Participant Feedback

I have now run the course on several different occasions both virtually and across the world. Each time has gone really well with very positive feedback. Here are some examples of comments:

“On target good advice on taking the next steps in SCA and SAST.”

“Group exercises were awesome – everybody were involved, compensated each other’s knowledge gaps and shared experience and approaches.”

“Good high level overview of the space and a primer on what to reasonably expect when one implements a program in their business.”

“There were a few aspects of SCA and SAST that I haven’t considered before and that Josh brought up that were quite helpful. Josh is also a master of balance on how much time he spends in each topic and answering questions, which meant that the training felt very fluid.”

“Really enjoyed the experience learning from Josh and I am walking away with information and practical knowledge…to further improve my organization’s overall security posture and resiliency.”

“Loved the stakeholder exercises”

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